Postcard from Dhaka

 March 18, 2020

Wanted to share the first pictures from Dhaka, Bangladesh of a design I’m doing for Akram Khan. He has choreographed a short piece for the opening of a year of celebrations of the centenary of the birth of the spiritual founder of the nation, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. No exaggeration to say that he is revered by the Bangladeshi people, who all know the famous speech that provides the source material for the sound design of the piece, despite 50 years having passed.

We’re here on an absolutely massive performance site, built on an airfield for 200,000 people, but in these rather strange times the piece will now be broadcast to the nation on Bangladeshi TV instead. The dancers from Dhaka have been working with three artists from Akram Khan Company to learn Akram’s choreography for the past month, so it is great to be able to share their hard work.

I first had the chance to work with Akram on Darbar Festival, and this is now my first design for Akram Khan Company.

Photographs by Antu Tomnoy.

Choreographed by Akram Khan
Music by Vincenzo Lamagna devised in collaboration with vocalist Sohini Alam
Lighting by Ric Mountjoy
Costume Design by Marie Cantenys
Produced by Akram Khan Company
Head of Legacy & Project Manager Christine Maupetit
Project Consultant Eeshita Azad
Rehearsal Director Yen-Ching Lin
Lead Dance Artist Lani Yamanaka
Dance Artist Elpida Skourou
Dance Artist Raziman Sarbini
Technical Management by Protik Chowdhury for Blues Communications

Tejgaon Airport, Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 2020
As part of the Bangladeshi national celebrations of the centenary of the birth of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangabandhu.