Edge 2019 touring Europe!

 March 20, 2019
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A quick post to show some photos of my lighting of London Contemporary Dance School’s touring EDGE company, taken by Camilla Greenwell a couple of weeks ago.

Touring the UK and Europe, EDGE is an MA programme giving 13 dancers from all over the world practical experience of touring in a rep dance company, an important step towards getting future work in a competitive environment. This year’s tour includes Austria, Portugal and Finland for a properly European feel.

EDGE 2019
Sea of Details by Hagit Yakira
9 Minutes: three pieces by Jorge Crecis
Me, MySelfie and I by Fabio Liberti

Artistic Director: Jeanne Yasko
Lighting Design: Ric Mountjoy and Lucy Hansom
Costume Design: Frances Morris
Photography: Camilla Greenwell

Touring Programme 2019
Mon 25 March, The Josef Eckart Theatre, Salzburg, Austria
Sat 30 March, AMATA, Falmouth
Thur 18 April, The Space, Dundee
Tue 30 April, Gulbenkian, Kent
Mon 6 May, Alexander Theatre, Helsinki, Finland
Wed 8 May, Riley Theatre, Leeds
Wed 15 May, D. Maria II Square, Vila Nova de Familicão, Portugal
Thur 16 May, Casa Des Artes, Vila Nova de Familicão, Portugal
Fri 17 May, D. Maria II Square, Vila Nova de Familicão, Portugal
Sat 18 May, Casa Des Artes, Vila Nova de Familicão, Portugal
Tue 4 June, The Phoenix, Exeter
Thur 6 June, Millfield School, Street
Tue to Thurs, 25-27 June, The Place, London
Tue 2 July, Queen’s Hall, Hexham
Thurs 11 July, Norwich Playhouse, Norwich