Little Mermaid

Thousands of leagues deep beneath the sea, a shipwrecked 1950s cruise liner is the grand palace where five little mermaids live – but don’t imagine this is going to be a pink and frilly princess story…

From family feuds and exile to secret underwater nightclubs, and holiday romance, this is one mermaid’s journey from the murkiest depths of the ocean to fulfil her dreams. Thrillingly magical, breathtakingly visual, hilarious and mischievous, Little Mermaid is an amazing family adventure, all set to a shimmering soundtrack of classic 80s pop..

Update: WINNER: UK Theatre Awards
Best Show for Children & Young People, 2018

Photographs by Nick Spratling /

Co-devised by
Pins & Needles Productions and Bea Roberts
Book & Lyrics:
Bea Roberts
Jack Drewry
Cameron Carver & Emma Earle
Zoe Squire
John Everett
Theatre Royal, Bath
egg theatre, Theatre Royal Bath (December 2017 – January 2018)