The Great Gatsby

It’s the roaring twenties – an era of bootleg liquor and red hot jazz. Jay Gatsby has invited you to one of his infamous parties and that’s not an invitation you want to turn down. Cocktails are flowing, music is playing and the party is in full swing.

The Guild of Misrule adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic American novel The Great Gatsby has been seen all over Europe. This incarnation, produced by Theatr Clwyd and directed by Alexander Wright took place in the evocative setting of a 17th century rooming inn in Mold. The Dolphin was adapted over some weeks to be a speakeasy bar, Gatsby’s party and other locations required to supportive the narrative. Staged in an immersive fashion, the location and division of the story encouraged audience members to explore, follow a character of interest and get a unique version of the tale told to them in snippets, large group scenes, dance numbers, and intimate confessions in bedrooms, culminating in a grand and tragic set piece. After all who really knows the truth about Gatsby and those terrible events?

Photographs by Sam Taylor |

Alexander Wright
Heledd Rees
Ric Mountjoy
Sound Design:
Phil Grainger
Holly Beasley-Garrigan
Theatr Clwyd & Guild of Misrule
Dolphin Inn, Mold; Square Chapel, Halifax.