by Philip Ridley

On a beautiful spring evening – when both moons are full – two teenagers vow eternal love. It is a moment that will have cataclysmic consequences. Not just for them, but for the world on which they live; a world where Prom Night is a matter of life or death, where weapons are grown and trained like pets, and where a chosen few are hearing a voice. A voice that speaks of… Karagula.

Written in fractured timescale by this prolific playwright, Karagula explores our constant need to find meaning. To believe we’re here for a reason. To have faith in something. Faith in… anything.

Produced in close collaboration with the playwright, world famous for “The Pitchfork Disney”, “Mercury Fur” and “The Fastest Clock in the Universe”. Philip Ridley’s Karagula is a world premiere of epic proportions, brought to life by emerging company PIGDOG as an extraordinary, form-shattering play, performed in a found space in London.

Photographs by Lara Genovese, naiad Photography

Philip Ridley
Max Barton
Shawn Soh & Frankie Bradshaw
D.E.M. Productions & PIGDOG in association with Soho Theatre
Styx, Tottenham Hale (Summer 2016)