Mountain Shakers

MUSICAL RUMPUS: MOUNTAIN SHAKERS, an adaptation of Handel’s Acis & Galatea for young children.

A sleepy giant strides through the fields, in search of a space to rest; meanwhile a young water nymph tries to make rain, although things don’t quite go according to plan. Handel’s rustic and much-loved opera Acis and Galatea is transformed into a multi-sensory, interactive opera adventure to listen to, touch and explore. Musical Rumpus creates early experiences of opera and adventure for young children. Re-imagining celebrated baroque operas specifically for the youngest of ears.

G.F.Handel, arr.Sam Glazer
Adapted by:
Zoe Palmer
Zoe Palmer
Sophia Lovell Smith
Spitalfields Music
Clore Studio, Royal Opera House (June 2014)