The White Whale

Ambitious modern adaptation of Moby Dick staged on water.

The crew of the Pequod are going to sea because it’s their job. But Ahab is not going for oil nor money but for revenge, on the vast whale that took him down into the black depths of the ocean. And Ishmael, a young man new to whaling, is seeking a hunter’s violence.

It begins with a monologue delivered through headphones from 30m away as Ahab rows into the dock. As he approaches the audience, the Pequod rises hydraulically from beneath the waves to be our stage, and revolves to show the action of life on board, thrill of the chase, and the storm that threatens them all.

Photographs by Zagni Photography & Alex Johnston.

James Phillips, based on
Moby Dick by Herman Melville
Alan Lane
David Farley
Slung Low, commissioned by Leeds Inspired
New Dock, Leeds Royal Armouries (Autumn 2014)